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QCBDC Doll Show Photos: Part Two

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September 20, 2019

Remember how I told you we’d have part two of our photo essay of the Queen City Beautiful Doll Club‘s show in Cinncinnati in PopCult on Thursday?

Well, it turns out that Benadryl and your PopCulteer’s brain do not work together very well, so we are bringing you the photo essay today, as this week’s PopCulteer. Sorry for the delay.

In the first part of this photo essay we showed you all kinds of cool dolls at the show, to give you an example of the diversity of different collectibles available at the QCBDC show. You can also find our PopCult Video in this post from last Sunday.

In this part, we’re going to focus on Barbie, and pop culture dolls.

We saw lots of great, limited release Barbies that we’d never seen in person before. There were some great deals to be had, and so many of the dolls were just previously unknown to us. I’d seen online pics of some of these, but nothing beats seeing them in person. There was so much new stuff to see. We even saw some pretty wild non-Barbie collectible pop culture dolls.

Please note that I did not do a great job of getting contact info for the vendors whose displays I was photographing, so if any of them wish to post their contact info in the comments, they are always welcome. The captions for these photos might be a little light on content, because the pictures show what we saw better than words can describe them. Without any further ado, let’s dive in and look at these dolls.

When you first see the room, it’s a bit overwhelming.

Vintage Barbie and Ken outfits, still in the original packages.

Here we find ourselves with Barbie and her friends from the late 1960s/early 1970s

Another impressive dealer’s table with stuff we hadn’t seen before. Who know there was a Pillow Talk Barbie? A closer look at some of the limited edition dolls. The first Barbie doll in a wheelchair from over twenty years ago.There were incredible deals to be found on loose collector dolls. Dolls from last year’s not-such-a-hit movie.More collector Barbies, including the dolls based on Twilight.Higher-end fashion collections. So many vendors had cool displays with a terrific variety of dolls. Almost every doll in this picture was new to us. It seemed like every vendor had a Rosie O’Donnell doll, and every time we saw one, it was cheaper than the one we’d seen previously. These sets were particularly sharp. Even more cool stuff, include a Cher doll and a Wedgewood Barbie. Buck-nekkid Twilight dudes. We couldn’t tell if they sparkled. Another epic solection of cool boxed collector’s figures. I managed to resist the Batman ’66 Barbie, if only as a ruse to go to the next show.Another great vendor. I didn’t show a lot of photos, but many of the vendors had individual pieces from vintage outfit sets available. Since they’re mostly in bins, the pictures aren’t that impressive, but it’s something you could spend hours digging through.One of the most impressive displays belonged to a lady I think was named “Lamanda,” and I think her business was “She’s My Doll,” but even though we bought stuff from her, Mel has yet to find her business card, so I’m hoping she posts her contact info below, because she had SO MUCH killer stuff and we want to buy more of it.For instance, this was the stuff she’d set up just below her main display. The SpongeBob set came home with us.As did the two Hard Rock Cafe Barbies. Mel had been looking for them. We didn’t go for it, but yes, that’s Barbie as Ziggy Stardust in between Halle Berry and Betty and Wilma. And here’s a gathering that includes Supergirl, the new Doctor, Mera, Barbie as Elvis and Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.Proving that there was more than just Barbie, here’s McFarlane Toys’ KISS figures.We even found MEGO’s Laverne and Shirley dolls (with Mort Drucker package art) and Kenner’s Shawn Cassidy Hardy Boys doll. 1980s Astronaut Barbie apparently went to the same tailor as MC Hammer. I didn’t pick up MC Hammer. Couldn’t touch it.

Besides, I already have one. We wrap up our photo essay with That’s so Raven, wearing a shirt that looks like it was designed by Buddy Finethy.

That is it for our PopCulteer this week. You can check PopCult for all our regular features this weekend, and I’m hoping to be on the mend from this allergy/cold thing that been slowing me down this week. We have lots of cool stuff to tell you about.


  1. Margie

    Thank you again for your great coverage of our show. If any of your readers want to see more photos, check out our club Facebook page: Queen City Beautiful Doll Club. Our next show is Saturday April 25, 2020 at EnterTRAINment Junction. I’m sure many of the same dealers will be returning, as well as some new ones.

  2. Thomas Wheeler

    ” I’d seen online pics of some of these, but nothing beats seeing them in person. ” Well, that’s true for any toy. This looks like it was an amazing show. I’m hardly a Barbie expert, but there’s some stuff in there that I’m surprised even DOES exist!

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