We’re in such a rush!  First up this evening we have a taping for episode 22 of Radio Free Charleston.  The next show will feature music from Voices Of Anatole (fresh from their gig opening for Godsmack) and Aurora.  Plus we’ll have BRAND NEW animation from Frank Panucci, and the No Pants Players will eat a watermelon. 

After our early-evening taping, we’re heading to Rand for XMCW Professional Wrestling.  I understand it’s going to be a dangerous night.  

After that, exhaustion permitting, we might drop by The Sound Factory and catch The Ghosts Of Now, who can be seen on episode 21 of Radio Free Charleston, as they open for Unknown Hinson. 

Tomorrow morning, Under The Radar, our other musical guest from episode 21 of RFC will be performing at Appalachian Power Park as part of the Smoke On The Water Regional Chilifest. 

Details and links are in the production notes for episode 21, which are right below this post. 

Saturday night at the Labelle Theater in South Charleston we’ll be part of the festival of short films, and we’ll make an announcement about another special night at the Labelle, so be sure to come and watch the Gazz staff cringe as I take questions from the audience. 

Sunday I got a show to edit.  Radio Free Charleston doesn’t produce itself.  Also, the Cool Thing Of The Week will hit Sunday night.