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Radio Free Charleston Covers FestivALL Part One

At the top of this post you see Radio Free Charleston number 133, the first of our shows devoted to FestivALL 2011. We don’t know how many episodes we will devote to FestivALL this year. Last year, we did six episodes during FestivALL, with an additional episode of leftover material in September. We also don’t know how fast and furious these will come at you, so you’ll want to check PopCult every five or ten minutes for the next two weeks.

This episode includes footage of the FestivALL Art Parade. This is just a fraction of the parade footage we have. Don’t fret, you’ll be seeing much more of the parade in the coming days.

The Boatmen, Live On The Levee

Our featured performers are The Boatmen, recorded Live On The Levee, the Charleston Light Opera Guild, recorded at the Charleston Civic Center Little Theater, and two great performances from the Songwriter Invitational at Capitol Roasters by Todd Burge and Andy Park. Todd and Andy were the masterminds of this event and you will be seeing much more from it during our FestivALL coverage.

Todd Burge, from

It’s not too late to catch “Thoroughly Modern Millie” from the Charleston Light Opera Guild. You have three more chances to see it this coming weekend. Live On The Levee is back Friday night at Haddad Riverfront Park, with Bob Thompson and The Voodoo Katz. You can also see The Voodoo Katz and Bob Thompson at Capitol Roasters Wednesday night at the Derick Kirk Memorial Show, beginning at 6:00 PM. They will be joined by Comparsa, The Velvet Gypsies, Central Standard Time, and Steve Himes.

The Songwriter Invitational was a collaboration between and AFM 136.

We’re keeping the production notes short for our FestivALL shows because we are editing like a demon from Heck. Our next episode will feature clips of some of FestivALL’s theatrical attractions, as well as music from WATT 4.

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