RFCI LOGO MAY 26AThursday has a new look on The AIR. We’re changing the schedule around a little bit based on feedback from our listeners, along with some other factors, and as of today, Radio Free Charleston International joins our afternoon music lineup and new episodes will premiere every Thursday at 3 PM.

You can listen to The AIR at the website or on this particularly ingenious and clever, if arrogant, little embedded radio player…

Previously as listeners of The AIR know, Thursday afternoons were filled with the “Thursday Fourplay” consisting of half hour shows, Beatles Blast, Psychedelic Shack, Ska Madness, and The Punk Club. We lost much of our British announcing crew to the Olympics for a few weeks and it didn’t make sense for me to keep producing new episodes of Beatles Blast while the other shows were in reruns.  So we’ve all been in reruns for the last month or so.

Following incidents in Brazil, Humphrey Hubert is no longer working with Haversham Recording Institute and so The Punk Club has shut its doors. We have made the decision to re-tool Beatles Blast, Ska Madness, and Psychedelic Shack as hour-long programs that will return to the schedule in new time slots in a few weeks.

Concurrently with this happening, several people expressed to your PopCulteer their frustration with the late time slot for Radio Free Charleston International, the show where I get to play whatever the hell I want.  So we have moved Radio Free Charleston International to the 3 PM time slot and it will be followed each week at 5 PM by a replay of that week’s Radio Free Charleston.

Radio Free Charleston International is an unpredictable, eclectic mix of all sorts of crazy types of music jammed together. Don’t believe me? Check out today’s playlist:

John Cale  “Changes Made”
They Might Be Giants  “Black Ops”
Dirty Heads  “Oxygen”
Green Day  “Bang Bang”
John Anderson  “Midnight Dancing”
Frank Zappa  “Uncle Remus (Mix Outtake)
Peter Garrett  “Homecoming”
DEVO  “I Love Ur Gun”
No Doubt  “Snakes”
Kate Pierson  “Guitars and Microphones”
Neil Young  “Vampire Blues”
Mi Sex  “Not Such A Bad Boy”
Sabaton  “Camouflage”
The Who  “Cook’s County”
A Day To Remember  “Bullfight”
DGM  “Animal”
Placebo  “Twenty Years”
Faith No More  “Why Do You Bother”
Paul McCartney  “Check My Machine”
Ultravox  “There Goes A Beautiful World”
Shakespeare’s Sister  “Catwoman”
Screamin” Jay Hawkins  “Frenzy”
King Grizzard and the Lizard Wizard  “Mr. Beat”
George Harrison  “Party Seacombe”
Kate Bush  “James And The Cold Gun”
The Temptations  “Ball Of Confusion”
Strawberry Alarm Clock  “Blues For A Young Girl Gone”
The Radio Department  “The Thing Was Bored”