7 5 16 graphicRadio Free Charleston returns in a big way on The AIR. Today at 10 AM and 10 PM, it’s a brand-new Radio Free Charleston, bringing you incredible local music. At 11 PM Radio Free Charleston International debuts on its NEW NIGHT AND TIME, with a show packed with the best music in the world!

You can tune in to The AIR, or listen right on this tasty little embedded radio player…

On Radio Free Charleston you’ll hear just-released music from local acts Jeff Ellis and 40 Days, Radarhill, HARRAH, Larry Groce and more. The RFC radio show is now a tightly-packed one-hour show, which will be followed in the morning by a replay of the previous week’s episode. This week our second hour will feature the RFC Interview with Mark Wolfe that debuted last Friday.

The playlist for RFCv4 015:

Superfetch   “Popcorn Time (Live)”

Jeff Ellis and 40 Days “South Charleston City Beat Blues”
Jonathan Mason  “Ohio Is Killing Me”
Hybrid Soul Project  “Hate On Me”
Radarhill & Nick Weckman  “Spider Respects Nothing”

HARRAH  “Pay The Piper”
Farnsworth  “Everything Must Go”
Under Surveillance  “99 Reasons”
Todd Burge  “Jesus Night Light (Live)”

Michael Cerveris  “Tenth Grade”
Larry Groce  “When The Mist Clears Away”
The Company Stores  “Dear Universe”

Mark Wolfe  “A Kinda Blues”

All day long there’s great programming on The AIR. At 3 PM you can listen to DJ Betty Rock’s Radio Coolsville.This is a great show, origininating out of WMUL in Huntington, and any show that opens with Elvis Costello’s “Radio, Radio” is destined for greatness.

You can also tune in for indie music and sneak peeks of our other new programming. Then, at 11 PM, it’s a brand-new two-hour Radio Free Charleston International, which is also loaded with tons of new music. Check out the playlist:

RFCI 016

Steve Vai (featuring Mohini Dey) “Bop!”

Ultravox  “Some of Them”
Jerry Lee Lewis  “Lewis Boogie”
The Incorruptibles  “Lowdown and Dirty”
Laura Mvula  “Show Me Love”

Anderson Stoldt  “Chase and Harmony”
Emily Kinney  “Molly”
Paul McCartney  “Jenny Wren”
The Shelters  “The Ghost is Gone”

Roger Daltry and Wilco Johnson  “Ice on the Motorway”
Paul Weller  “Instant Karma”
Product of Piracy “In The Land of the Dead, the Living Man is King”

The Last Shadow Puppets  “Sweet Dreams TN”
Sky Technology  “Crazy Machines”

The Strokes  “Drag Queen”
Leland Sundries   “Apocalypse Love Song”
Tim Nielson  “Dark Age Dancin'”
Link Wray and the Raymen  “Jack The Ripper”

The Avett Brothers  “Satan Pulls The Strings”
ABC  “I Believe In Love”
The Shift  “Moon Boots”
Volbeat  “Marie Laveau”

The Monkees  “You Bring Me Summer”
Paul Simon  “Cool Papa Bell”
Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals  “Pink Balloon”
Viv Stanshall  “The Young Ones”
Jo-Ann Campbell “Let Me Do My Twist”

Oingo Boingo  “Goodbye, Goodbye”

The AIRevolution continues Wednesday. We’ll tell you all about that in the morning.