rfc LOGO 3 29Radio Free Charleston is back in the saddle after two weeks of re-runs, and this week we have brand-new music, and gems from deep in our archives.

You can listen to Radio Free Charleston at Appalachian Independent Radio!

Tune in for two hours of the best local and regional music every Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM at the link above or right here on this little play widget.

We kick off the show with the title cut of QiET’s new CD, and we wrap up the show with a previously unheard collaboration between Douglas Imbrogno and Melanie Larch, which has been hidden away in our vault for over eight years.

You can catch replays of Radio Free Charleston Saturday morning at 9 AM (kicking off five hours of programming produced by your PopCulteer) and late Saturday night at 1 AM. All of our General Substances progames at AIRadio will be new this week, so tune in to the hottest radio station on the web!

Our playlist:

QIET  “Kiss of the Universe”

Blue Million  “Next Year”
Diablo Blues Band  “Price of a Broken Heart”
Underdog Blues Revue  “Back Door Blues”
The Horse Traders  “Nothing At All”
The Ruins  “Used To Be Friends”

Jordan Andrew Jefferson  “One Step At A Time”
Jack Grifftith  “With A Girl Like You”
The Buttonflies  “Lil’ Birdie”
Go Van Gogh  “I Can’t Sleep At Night”
Hellblinki  “Bella Ciao”

Joe Vallina  “Suzy Said So”
Linnfinity  “Seeswa Love”
Ann Manguson  “I Met an Astronaut”

Carpenter Ants  “Blessing”
Bob Clay  “Fuel For The Fire”
Todd Burge  “Hey, Little Christian Girl”
Paul Calicoat  “Soul of Stone”
The Pretenders  “The Wait”

Casi Null  “Blue Haze”
Punk Jazz  “Little Star”
Option 22  “Soul Song”
Radio Cult  “Saturday Midnight Double Feature”
Stephen Backner  “Come On (We Gotta Get On Home)”

Feast of Stephen “No Vaccination”
Deron Baker  “Gravel”
Douglas Imbrogno with Melanie Larch  “Bring Sunshine When You Come”