rfc LOGO RERUN 4 002With your PopCulteer waylaid by dilated eyeballs, this week we’re bringing you a repeat of a universally-acclaimed episode of Radio Free Charleston from February. Tune in to Appalachian Independent Radio, or listen right in this here little radio player doo-hickey..

We kicked this show off with the title-track from the brand-new Under Surveillance CD, and ended it with a 27-year-old recording of Go Van Gogh recorded live at the legendary Charleston Playhouse.

Listen at 10 AM and 10 PM Tuesdays, with replays on the weekend. AIRadio brings you the coolest radio you’ll find coming out of Charleston.

RFCv4004 Playlist:

Under Surveillance  “Savannah Moon”

Tape Age  “Baby I’m Lost”
Ona  “Sleep, Rinse, Repeat”
Blue Million “Adam Bit The Apple”
Ann Magnuson “Falling For An Actor”
Jordan Andrew Jefferson “The Party’s Over”

Mark Wolfe  “The Valley Peaked”
Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen “Incomplete”
Sheldon Vance  “Tonight We Sing”
Whistlepunk  “Outshine”

Granny’s 12-Gauge  “Step On The Gas”
Todd Burge  “The Kids Are Getting Out Of Hand”
Stephanie Deskins  “The Fall”
Time And Distance  “There Is Nothing I Hate More Than The DMV”
Time And Distance “Hell to pay”

Big Money  “Face The Flood”

Sasha Colette  “You Had Me”
Groove Heavy  “Don’t Stop Believin'”
Total Meltdown  “Pictures of You”
The Brothersisters  “Can’t Be Lost”

Doktor Steamly  “The Needle Goes In”
DEVO  “Clockout”
J Marinelli  “Lockdown Town”
The Company Stores  “No Middle Name”
Mike Morningstar and Rick Roberts  “Queen of Hearts”
Martyranny’s Collective Pulse  “Banshee”

Wolfgang Parker  “To Say You Love Me”
John Radcliff  “To Say You Love me”
Go Van Gogh  “I Am The Walrus”