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Radio Free Charleston Production Notes: Episode Four

Episode Four of Radio Free Charleston, featuring Raymond Wallace and Under The Radar, is now online. It’s another 12-minute dip into the local music scene with great music, cool animation, and weird little bits of ephemera. You can see it here.

Raymond Wallace is the first musical guest, and you can read more about him and check out his Songs Of The Week here. We brought him into the studio and put a guitar in his hands and let the cameras roll. He’d barely touched a guitar for two years, and it’s a kick seeing him playing again after all he’s been through.

Our animated short this week is “Zachery Bop,” an experimental CGI piece that my brother Frank made on primitive coal-fueled computers over ten years ago. Frank also composed the music on an electric abacus.

Under The Radar gave us our SOTW just yesterday, and they tear up the LiveMix studio with “Me, The Boys And Jack,” a rock ‘n’ roll song about the exploits of the crew of the PT 109 during World War Two. Be sure to give a listen to their take on Gershwin’s “Summertime,” while you’re digging their music.

The shirt I’m wearing in this show features The Blue Guy, AKA The Blue Meanie of WWE/ECW fame. Meanie performed at the IWA East Coast show in June, and I snapped up one of his shirts to wear on the show. That’s me and Meanie at the IWA EC after show party, in a photo by Daniel Boyd. If you want one of these shirts for yourself, you can check out Meanie’s post here, for details on how to order one.


  1. Longtime Listener

    Now that was an after-dinner treat! Will Raymond be playing out any time soon? Under the Radar was great, too. It’s amazing how many under-exposed acts like this we have in the area. This show ought to be on the front page of the Gazz every week!

  2. Mountain Woman p.h.d.

    I’d say “Keep up the good work” but you already are. It’s so good to see Raymond again. I really miss the Leon Waters Band. The Gazette’s Rusty Marks sure can rock out! Good to see you hosting from Davis Square, too. This show is a real gem. You ought to be on the payroll for West Virginia’s economic development team. I can’t think of anyone else who’s showcasing our homegrown talent. It’s so refreshing that you aren’t just showing the young kids from the bar scene. Not that there isn’t a place for that, but it’s great that you’re casting your net beyond twenty-somethings and giving us mature music lovers something to enjoy.

    I do think the fedoras suit you better, though.

  3. Anonymous


  4. Mexican Romeo

    I am so glad I found this site a few weeks ago

    You have a real winner with this show

    Just the right length and a great assortment of musicians

    Raymond Wallace reminds me of Leon Redbone and Under The Radar is great rock in the style of CCR

    I guess radioactive meat makes you gassy

    Cool cartoon, too

    Keep up the great work–you have something to be proud of here

  5. Anonymous

    How do you get your band on this show? I know some guys who’d be perfect.

  6. I Know Who U R & Where U Have Been

    Great seeing Raymond Wallace again. Thank you!

  7. My Shiny Tin Foil Hat

    Best RFC ever! Keep up the great work Rudy.

  8. M Daddykin

    Aarrrgh! We don’t have the latest Flash update at work, so I could only listen to the audio. The music sounds great, but I shudder to think what else is going on in the show. I’ll have to check it out when I get home tonight.

  9. Anonymous

    This show rocks!!!!!

    Why is it so hard to leave a comment? I’ve been trying all day.

  10. Mr. Satan

    So, who did you sell your soul to in order to come up with such a tasty show?

    Great music, interesting animation, and radioactive meat that leads to flaming gas—it’s a work of genius.

    –the debbil

  11. obi wan canoli

    That is epic. I wish we could get this every week. You really have created something to be proud of, Rudy. Congrats!

  12. Anonymous

    Radio Free is the new coolest thing in Charleston. That means you have about two months before people start trying to tear it down.

  13. anonymous

    I wonder what the people on the show would look like naked?

  14. anonymous

    I wonder what they’d look like in court.

  15. anonymous

    I wonder what they’d look like stoned.

  16. anonymous

    I bet it wouldn’t be pretty.

  17. Matt Salazar

    Good god, we have performance art in the comments. Very clever linkage.

    Great show, by the way. Keep us posted on when these guys play out. Raymond would be a natural for the Vandalia.

  18. Anonymous

    This episode is a real winner! Seriously, I work in video production locally, and I think this show is good enough to be nominated for a Peabody award. Why isn’t the Gazette promoting this more heavily?

  19. Anonymous

    This is a fine, fine show. You really need to get the word out to more people about it. I never knew about this until I read about it in the Gazette.

  20. noise reducer

    You had me fooled.

    A few months ago, I logged onto and saw a post about an exciting new video show that would feaure local bands. I watched it, and was appalled. It looked like something that would get a failing grade in a high school A/V class. So I never bothered to watch any more of the gazz videos. I’d read about this Radio Free thing, but figured it would be just as bad as other show, so I never watched it. My curiousity was picqued by the article in the Gazz last Thursday, and since I got bored on a dreary Sunday morn, I decided to see how bad it was.

    Jesus H. Christ on a cracker! How did you manage to pull this off? Talk about going from one extreme to the other. This show is spectacular! It’s professional, slick, funny, well-shot, and intelligent. I love the presentation. It’s got a cutting-edge feel without being in love with itself. How come I’ve never heard of the people who made this before?

    Now I’m going to have to go back and see if the other episodes are as good as this one. One tip–it’d be nice if this show had its own page of archives, instead of being lumped in with the other gazz videos.

    You need evangelists. Spread the word about Radio Free Charleston.


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