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Song Of The Week: Summertime Under The Radar

Our SOTW this week is another preview of the next episode of Radio Free Charleston. Last week we brought you a tune by Raymond Wallace, and this week we bring you a song from our other musical guest from episode four, Under The Radar. UTR is ace Gazette reporter Rusty Marks on guitar and vocals, Bill Robinson on bass, and Mark Lanham on drums. Rusty is someone that I was trying to get on the old radio incarnation of RFC back in the day, but the show got canned before he could get me a tape. On the show Under The Radar will be performing an original tune, “Me, The Boys And Jack,” but for our song of the week, we bring you their rockin’ rendition of Gershwin’s “Summertime.”

With any luck, the next episode of RFC will be posted as early as tomorrow. After I write this, I’m off to edit the show, and then tonight we’ll be taping a band for episode five. Tomorrow look for production notes on the show four, so you can learn all the backstage dirt on our little internet TV-type show.

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  1. Mountain Woman p.h.d.

    I love this song. Good cover.

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