We have a very special treat today on The AIR  as we premiere new a episode of Radio Free Charleston! You simply have to point your cursor over and tune in at the website, or you could just stay here and  listen to the cool embedded player elsewhere on this page.

This week we’re going to take a dive back into the past, but only about ten days, to when your humble blogger and radio host appeared on Josh Gaffin’s Afternoon Show on WTSQ 88.1 FM with Ann Magnuson.  We bring you over two hours of that parallel universe radio crossover on a new RFC that you can hear at 10 AM and 10 PM Tuesday. The first forty minutes or so is filled with the RFC blend of local, indie and classic artists.  However, the remainder of the show sees me guesting on Josh’s show for about an hour, and then I stick around and interrupt Josh and Ann for almost eighty minutes more!

We open with just-released music from Heavy Set Paw Paws, and we mix in new local music from Bane Star and Buni Muni (making her RFC debut) and new tracks from Hugh Cornwell, Robyn Hitchcock and Paul Weller.  After roughly forty minutes we switch over to Josh’s show.

Check out the playlist below to see all the goodies we have in store (live links will take you to the artist’s pages where possible)…

RFC V5 108

hour one
Heavy Set Paw Paws “Howitzer Girl”
Bane Star “Termination Call”
Paul Weller “The Piper”
Robyn Hitchcock “The Inner Life of Scorpio”
The The “The Beat(en) Generation”
Mediogres “Mon Cheri (live)”
Buni Muni “Triplite”
Stark Raven “I Know You”
Hugh Cornwell “Coming Out Of The Wilderness”

Josh Gaffin’s Afternoon Show on Status Quo
Camp Cope “How To Socialize and Make Friends”
Talking with Josh Gaffin at WTSQ.
Kate Bush “Wuthering Heights”
Mary Devore “Imagining It”

hour two
more talk
St. Etienne “Archway People”
Josef K “Radio Drill Time”
Hedwig and The Angry Inch “Tear Me Down”
Ann Magnuson joins the conversation
Ann talks about growing up in Charleston
Big Joanie “Singing”

hour three
Talking with Ann about the 1980s
Ann Magnuson “His Name Was Jobriath/Heartbeat”

You can hear this episode of Radio Free Charleston Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM on The AIR, with replays Thursday at 2 PM, Friday at 9 AM, Saturday at Noon and Midnight,  and  Monday at 11 AM, exclusively on The AIR. Now you can also hear a different episode of RFC every weekday at 5 PM, and we bring you a marathon all night long Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I’m also going to  embed a low-fi, mono version of this show right in this post, right here so you can listen on demand.


Then at 1 PM we have MIRRORBALL, followed at 2 PM by Curtain Call. At 3 PM two great recent episodes of The Swing Shift arrive.

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