Radio Free Charleston 178 is our fourth “Show Without Words.” This episode marks a first, This is the first edition of Radio Free Charleston in which your host, Rudy Panucci, does not appear. This was entirely due to a well thought out aesthetic choice and not simply because he didn’t want to put on a clean shirt and go out in the sunlight.

Our music this episode is provided by Doctor Curmudgeon and TriElement from Charleston and special guests, Grounded, from Asheville, North Carolina. Computer graphics throughout this episode are provided by Frank Panucci.

“Too Many Amps For Doctor Curmudgeon” by Jason Myer

The show kicks off with the cartoon, “Too Many Amps For Doctor Curmudgeon” by Jason Myer. We’ve had Jason on the show as a musician with Qiet and Sign Of The Fig in the past and we’re very glad to have his animated contribution to Radio Free Charleston.

Sean Sydnor, C.W. Riley, Chuck Biel

Our first musical guest is Doctor Curmudgeon, who tear forth with a largely improvised nine minute sonic epic. This is the latest incarnation of Doctor Curmudgeon, with maestro Chuck Biel back in the saddle on guitar, loops, and power tools, joined now by the amazing Sean Sydnor on bass, and incredible C.W. Riley on drums. We can’t wait to see what the mad doctor is cooking up for us in the lab next.

Doctor Curmudge9n links:

Brett Spivey and Andre Cholmondeley

From Doctor Curmudgeon, the show blends into a performance from Asheville, North Carolina’s Grounded.We bring you an excerpt from “Its Everything Except What It Is! (Improv 01)” You can find the full performance posted as last night’s Sunday Evening Video. Based in Asheville NC, Grounded is André Cholmondeley, guitar & Brett Spivey, bass. They also both use looping, synths, samplers and the like. Usually a duo, they also play live as a trio with drummer James Wilson, or collaborate in mash-ups with groups like Balloon Animal Farm. Their main focus is instrumental, experimental music ranging from ambient to full on noise & chaos. Elements of world music, electronica, musique concrete, rock & performance art can be found in their work.

Grounded Links:

Kenneth Booth, Dave Roberts, Joey lafferty

From Grounded, we meld into TriElement. Kenneth Booth, Dave Roberts, and Joey Lafferty man this tightly run progressive metal trio. We wrap up our show this week with two numbers from TriElement. Oddly enough, TriElement hosted an evening of progressive instrumental music at The Empty Glass where we recorded Doctor Crumudgeon and Grounded, but their performances come from a September evening at The Blue Parrot.

TriElement Links:

Soundboard mix at The Empty Glass was provided by James Vernon Brown of Liquid Canvas, while the mix at The Blue Parrot was by Thomas Crouse. Special thanks to Dave Roberts for helping bring these bands together and to Frank Panucci for providing the cohesive computer animation.

Computer Graphics by Frank Panucci

Radio Free Charleston will return in two weeks with a brand-new episode.