One of the coolest (out of many cool things we saw) at JoeLanta a few weeks ago was the Raise The Flagg project by Chris Dortch.

The USS Flagg is probably the largest action figure accessory/playset ever sold. Designed for the GI Joe: A Real American Hero line in 1985, this gigantic aircraft carrier was eight feet long when fully assembled.

While that was awfully impressive, the Flagg did not have a lot going on below deck. What Chris has done is remedy that with a range of upgrades and additions. He literally raises the Flagg and puts in meticulously-detailed lower decks with lighting, 3-D printed additions, new paint detail and more.

Chris has written a book filled with tips and instructions on how to upgrade the USS Flagg, and his website is filled with additional details and resources.

The brief video above shows you some of the majesty of this epic DIY playset revision. Below, you’ll find more photos, presented without comment because your humble blogger is trying to get this post finished between frequent short power outages. The first photo you’ll see was taken Friday afternoon, before Chris had the entire custom USS Flagg assembled. The remainder were taken the next morning and show the Flagg and it’s detail in their full glory.

Visit Chris’s website for more details on how you can Raise The Flagg (and his ministry), and order his book from Amazon.

And now, the photos…