NAR log 104RFCv3 #29

Stream of consciousness rules on a show with no theme this week as Radio Free Charlston streams on New Appalachian Radio. As I assembled this program, I had no idea what music was coming up next.

Why did I skip the usually-necessary preparation step this week?

I ain’t gonna lie to my listners. I was tired after the sudden surprise trip to WonderFest USA this weekend. You’ll see more photos and some video from Louisville later today.

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Wolfgang Parker opens the show

Wolfgang Parker opens the show

Even with the near-total lack of preparation, I think we delivered a pretty darned cool episode! We do have a new batch of head-scracthing, statio IDs with movie quotes, so at least I put a little effort into it.

Wolfgang Parker “Aint That A Kick In The Head”
The Company Stores “Unwelcomed Guest”
J Marinelli “Kendrick’s Ghost”
Miniature Giant “Too Soon”

John Radcliff “Naked Souls”
Joe Vallina “Year of the Wicked”
The Nanker Phelge “Baby”
Under Surveillance “Love Has Come”

Here, I decided to include a three-song set by Weirton natives, Crack The Sky.

CrackTheSkyCrack The Sky “Nuclear Apathy”
Crack The Sky “Rangers At Midnight”
Crack The Sky “We’re All Dead”

Stone Ka Tet “Ronin”
John Lancaster “Long Gone”
Byzantine “Purity”
David White “Zwak”

The Big Bad “Lost In The Night”
The Silvers “Nothing Really Matters”
Billy Matheny “I Hope I Don’t See You Today” with Kim Monday
Jeff Ellis “On Top Again”

Mad Scientist Club “Incident”
Under The Radar “If Ever There’s A Star”
Paul Calicoat “Midnight Stroll”
Ann Magnuson “Waterbeds of Hollywood”

Sheldon Vance “To Spite The Pain”
Frank Panucci “Captain Rubber Spaceman”