The PopCulteer
May 11, 2012

Your PopCulteer is buried under deadlines and hard at work on next week’s Radio Free Charleston, so our Friday column will be a little shorter than usual this week.  We’re going to start with some random links to cool things, and then wrap up with some neat weekend events and photos.

A couple of weeks ago, “That Conversation,” a new Podcast by Patrick Felton, made its debut and it’s well worth checking out.  This podcast will focus on arts and creativity in the Kanawha Valley, and the first installment is a long, comprehensive, interview with playwright and director, Dan Kehde, of the Contemporary Youth Arts Company. The second installment should be coming soon, and after that,  RFC fans may hear a familiar voice pop up.

Congrats to Chris Chaber and The Empty Glass crew on their coming expansion into the New China building. The Glass is a legendary venue, but at times it does get to be a little like the Black Hole of Calcutta in there when a popular band is playing. Now, with accomodations for a larger crowd, maybe we can get Unknown Hinson to return to Charleston.

Please, please, please, please please… somebody, outlaw robocalls, particularly political ones.

Elaine Lee, the writer and co-creator of Starstruck, has written a blog for the Huffington post, where she recommends some very good creator-owned comics. I second the recommendations.

Speaking of comics, a more detailed review is coming to PopCult next week, but for now you need to know that the new Popeye comic from IDW is the closest we will ever get to E.C. Segar rising from the dead and making new Popeye comic strips.

Recent RFC guests The Tom McGees and Miniature Giant will be at The Blue Parrot tonight, starting at 10 PM with a five dollar cover.

The No Pants Players return to The Alban Arts Center Saturday night with a family-friendly show to make up for all the filth they were responsible for last week at The Clay Center.   Tickets are one sale now at Tickets are $10 for adults, and $8 for kids. Bring out the entire family for the best comedy entertainment in the tri-county region! Start time is 7 PM.

Cleveland’s The Sueade Brothers, guests on RFC last fall, appear with future RFC guests, Farnsworth Drive, Saturday night at The Empty Glass. The show will start around 10 PM and the cover is seven dollars.

Last night The Big Bad reunited at The Empty Glass. The RFC cameras were on hand, and you’ll be seeing the band, and opening act, Foz Rotten, on Radio Free Charleston in the coming weeks. Here’s some photos from last night to wrap up this week’s column.

Previews Of Coming Attractions

Next week we will bring you the photo essay from the May 4 IWA East Coast show in Clendenin

In the next few days I will reveal my design for this year's Streetworks project for East End Main Street. Here's a peek at part of it. That's all for this week!