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At 2 PM, yours truly returns to introduce a special episode of Beatles Blast devoted to the birth of Apple Records.

In May, 1968, John Lennon and Paul McCartney traveled to New York City to officially announce the Beatles’ newly-formed and very non-traditional company, Apple Corps.

This episode of Beatles Blast, after a quick intro, opens with the audio from an interview that was recorded by New York educational television station WNET on May 14th for the program Newsfront. The interview was conducted by host Mitchell Krause.

This interview is a really interesting artifact, and at many points it’s glaringly obvious that the interviewer isn’t very familiar with The Beatles.

In this conversation, Lennon and McCartney are especially candid on the topic of racial issues, and also about the royal family.

Later that evening, following this afternoon interview, Lennon and McCartney also dropped in for a special appearance on TheTonight Show, with guest host Joe Garagiola. We also bring you the audio from that interview before wrapping up with a short interview with David Frost, back in London a couple of days later.

It’s a departure episode, with no full songs, but it’s an absolute treasure for die-hard Beatles fans.  

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