Today we have a reminder that, just twelve days ago, we dropped a new episode of Radio Free Charleston (volume two: the video show) right here into this blog.

Rather than send you scrambling to scroll down to find this great show that has music from Brian Diller, The Velvet Brothers, Trielement and Elektro Biscuit, plus animation and a cool movie trailer from Jake Fertig, how about I just drop it right here?

Wasn’t that easy.  Now you don’t have an excuse not to watch it, and I have a blog post for today, which is pretty cool considering that I’m in New York City trying to enjoy a couple of shows with my lovely wife even though I’m bedeviled by seasonal crud (not COVID).

BTW, except for a technical glitch or two, and two posts that were deleted under the threat of a frivilous lawsuit, we’ve had a fresh post in PopCult every day since August 18, 2013. I missed the tenth anniversary last August because so many other anniversaries happen in August.

Anyway, some of our efforts are…lesser than others. But that’s no reason not to enjoy the show!