At the head of this post, you see Radio Free Charleston 122, “Fistful Of Mercy Shirt.” This episode of the show features new music from Roger Simms (from the band Short of Cash), punk sensation Drop Ded Phred, and a return visit from Sasha Colette. We also have a preview clip of the Contemporary Youth Arts Company production, “A Service For Jeremy Wong” (opening this week), and brand new animation from Frank Panucci.

Host segments were shot in the friendly confines of Taylor Books Annex Gallery, prominently featuring the art of our old friend, Charles Jupiter Hamilton in the background. Taylor Books is one of the class acts here in town and it’s always fun to pop inside for a quick visit, specially when the springlike weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse. Also, one of our guests, Sasha Colette, will be performing at Taylor’s next Saturday night.

The namesake shirt for this episode is a t-shirt featuring the band logo for the new indy super-group, Fistful Of Mercy, featuring Ben Harper, Joe Henry, and longtime RFC fan, Dhani Harrison.

Before we jump into the music, we have a promo clip for the Contemporary Youth Arts Company’s play, “A Service For Jeremy Wong”. Dan Kehde wrote and directed this play about the ramifications of a fatal incident of gay bashing in a small West Virginia town and how the students at a high school deal with pressure from the national media and facing their own questions about tolerance and faith.

This clip was filmed and edited by the talented Austin Susman, a CYAC regular. You can see the full clip in yesterday’s “Sunday Evening Videos” post.

You can see “A Service For Jeremy Wong” March 10-12 and 17-19 at the WVSU Capitol Center Theater. The curtain raises at 8 PM each night. Tickets are $10, or $6 for students.

Our first musical guest is Roger Simms. Roger is the leader of the neo-retro country band Short of Cash, which sprang forth from one of the Charleston United jam sessions. I met Roger & spoke to him about being on the show, when he said OK, grabbed his twelve string, and walked me out of the Blue Parrot to a pickup truck on Capitol Street where he let down the tailgate, hopped in, and treated me to a couple of songs. Even with just the one camera angle, his version of George Jones’ “Still Doing Time” is moving and compelling. This was a perfect moment captured on film, with just the right kind of moody lighting and ambiance that could never be replicated again.

You’ll be seeing more from Roger and his full band, Short of Cash, on future episodes of Radio Free Charleston. If you can’t wait until then, head out to The Pour House on March 19th to hear Short of Cash in person.

Next up, we have fresh animation by Frank Panucci. This is so new that it’s still warm to the touch. “Texting Tragedy” is a lushly animated depiction of exactly what happens when a careless driver is texting instead of watching the road. Listen carefully for Morgantown’s own David Selby as the voice of the pedestrian (please note: David Selby’s voice may be provided by a celebrity impersonator).

Drop Ded Phred, the power punk powerhouse, is a band I’ve wanted on the show for years. I mean that literally. I’ve wanted these guys on Radio Free Charleston since I first saw them in 2007. Since I first saw them opening for Punchline at the LaBelle Theater, they’ve split up and reformed and guitarist Bryan Flowers has turned up in The Concept and The Renfields. I even ran a YouTube clip of the band on episode (blank).

After all these years, I finally caught up with Roger, Bryan, John, and Trevor (Casey, the bassist couldn’t make it that night) at the Blue Parrot, the same night that we recorded Beaver Knievel.

Not only do we get Drop Ded Phred performing the way cool song “Death Robot” (From Outer Space), but this video marks the official debut of the legendary Johnny Rock on camera. Johnny was the drummer for Go Van Gogh and was a regular on the RFC radio show and it’s great to have his spectacular camera work on display in this fast paced video. Thanks also go out to Lee Harrah for providing a rock steady “camera three”.

Rounding out the show we have another LiveMix Studio flashback from Sasha Colette. Sasha made her RFC debut just a few weeks ago with footage shot at the late, lamented LiveMix and provided to us by Adam Harris. We’re running this fun little “Yodeling Song” over the end credits to remind everybody that you can see Sasha Colette and The Magnolias Saturday, March 12th, at Taylor Books, starting at 7:30 PM.

That’s it for this episode of Radio Free Charleston. Check back in one week for RFC 123, with music from Andy Park and Qiet and the long awaited return of Murfmeef.