Our title shirt, “The Venture Bunch”

Up above you should see this week’s episode of Radio Free Charleston, which features music from Undersocial, Science of the Mind, and Cat Schrodinger with Pepper Fandango, plus we have random and directionless animation.

Our host segments were recorded on Main Street in St. Albans, right in front of The Alban Arts and Conference Center, where, starting Friday February 22, you can see Radio Free Charleston Big Shot, Melanie Larch, as Queen Margaret in William Shakespeare’s “Richard III,” which stars Jeff Bukovinsky as the bent Monarch as well as a cast of very talented performers bringing the Bard’s words to life. The play runs through March 3, with 8 PM performances on Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 PM Matinees on Sundays.

Before we get into the fun, we bring you a look at the modern technology we use behind the scenes here at Radio Free Charleston.

For our first musical spot, we go all the way back to last August for a performance from Tribute to the Troops II by Undersocial. Unddersocial is the new band fronted by Stacee Lawson. They’ve been playing great shows all over the Huntington and Charleston area of late. We are glad to dig into our vault and bring you Undersocial with “I Don’t Care.”

Science of the Mind is a band that I’ve been pursuing for our show for over a year. They play out of town a lot, so it was hard to make our schedules sync up, but last week we finally caught up to them at The Blue Parrot. This was only a two-camera shoot, since RFC Big Shot Melanie Larch is busy in her role as Queen Margaret in “Richard II,” so the plan is to have Science of the Mind on the show again in the future. With luck, many times. Making their RFC debut, we bring you Science of the Mind with “The Sky Is Falling.”

Playing us out this week we have another act making their debut on our show, Cat Schrodinger (accompanied by Pepper Fandango, with offscreen dancing by Kitty Killton). This was recorded at the Wayward Girls School of Burlesque Valentine’s show, but we’re saving the dancing for later. We’ve been wanting Cat on the show, under some of her other stage names, for some time, and we hope to get a better recording of her in the future. This song, “Paranoia House,” was recorded at the Wayward Girls Valentine’s show at Kanawha Players, while downstairs, the loudest birthday party in recorded history was taking place.

That’s the dirt on this week’s show, “The Venture Bunch Shirt.” Our next episode, if all goes according to plan, will be a special show devoted to one performance, recorded in December, by The Snake and The Pot. This seventeen-minute dance, art and music piece is being enhanced with animation by yours truly, and should be fun for all involved.