Radio Free Charleston 196, “Test Subject MCHM” is a jam-packed show with three musical acts making their RFC debut, and two acts returning after more than five years away. We also have animation from Jake Fertig, and “PrelinGERD” by Frank Panucci.

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Your host standing in front of a random Charleston business

Our host segments were shot in an appropriate place for me to wear this week’s title shirt, “Test Subject MCHM,” which is a fundraiser reward from the upcoming documentary, “The Sweet Taste of Freedom,” which is, of course, about the ramifications of January’s chemical spill into the Elk River.


Compiled by Frank Panucci

We open the show with “PrelinGERD,” a new compilation of bizarre imagery from public domain movies, lovingly compiled by Frank Panucci.


Project Biscotti at Kanawha Players

Project Biscotti has been lighting up the music scene with their punk cabaret sound. Of late they’ve been hosting the Rock N Roll Theater at Kanawha Players. We captured the band there performing a song in public for the first time ever. This episode presents Project Biscotti with “Gypsy Blues.”

Keep checking PopCult for future dates of the Rock N Roll Theater and Project Biscotti.


Mark Cline Bates at The Empty Glass

Mark Cline Bates hasn’t been on RFC since episode 58, over five years ago, when he was a member of the band, Lonely Town. Since then he’s recorded albums in Nashville and Los Angeles, and we’ve been lucky enough to have him performing back in Charleston lately. We feature Mark, recorded last Friday night at The Empty Glass, performing “Comfort in the Darkness Here,” a song he co-wrote with Clark Paterson, which will appear on his next CD.


Animation by Jake Fertig

We will keep you posted and let you know when that new CD is available.

Our animation is a “Deep Space Microsode” by Jake Fertig, and it furthers The Flocking storyline.


Dina Hornbaker at Third Eye Cabaret

We discovered singer/songwriter Dina Hornbaker at Third Eye Cabaret a couple of weeks ago. Mel and I were instantly impressed with her voice, laying and songs, and knew instantly that we’d showcase here on RFC. She’s been performing around town solo and with Cadyn Valencia recently and PopCult will keep you up to date on her future shows. This week we feature Dina performing her original song, “Mountain Mama.”


dogSoldier at The Empty Glass

Another prodigal act returning the RFC fold after more than five years is the recently reformed, dogSoldier. We made it a point to head out to The Empty Glass last Friday to record dogSoldier and Mark Cline Bates so we could bring both these artists back to our viewers. dogSoldier is still in fine form, as you can see with their prerformance of “Cops” on this edition of RFC.


Jordan Searls at Kanawha Players

Jordan Searls closes the show this week. Seven years ago I caught Jordan at a high school talent show that also featured InFormation, Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen and Joe Slack on the bill. I knew then that I wanted to have him as a guest on RFC, but it’s taken this long for our trajectories to intersect, and I’m glad to finally have Jordan Searls playing us out this week with his song “Anytime You’re In.”

I’m really happy with the way this episode of the show came together, and I hope you enjoy it, too. Every artist featured on this episode of Radio Free Charleston will also star in upcoming episodes of the RFC MINI SHOW. We made sure to record plenty of material and you can expect these shows to turn up over the next couple of months.

Next week the RFC MINI SHOW will focus on Donnie Smith, the host of the Monday Night Open Mic at The Empty Glass. Until then, enjoy this week’s show and be sure to follow the links to learn more about our guests and contributors.