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RFC 34 Delayed

For all of you who just want me to shut the hell up...

The latest episode of Radio Free Charleston, “Lucha Mask Shirt (Show Without Words #1)” will be delayed while The Gazz Internet wizards work to iron out problems with the server.  I would like to make it clear that, even though I was in the building today, I did not wander into the restricted Interweb area, nor did I spill anything on the massive Charleston Newspapers Supercomputer, and further, I don’t even drink Diet Pepsi. 

With any luck, the show will go online sometime Thursday, after the Supercomputer has dried out sufficiently.  Meanwhile, follow the jump for some teaser images from the show. 

Before we get into the music, the President stops by and tells us everything he knows!

Now is this my ass, or my elbow? Help me out, fellas!

Blues Legend Raymond Wallace plays a hymn in the lobby at LiveMix Studio.

Raymond in the lobby at LiveMix.

Expand yourself with “Pesky Mung” by RFC Big Shot Frank Panucci.

Duo Divertido dons a “Blue Afro.”

Eduardo and Beth, October 20, 2007 at LiveMix Studio.

12-string wunderkind Josh Buskirk rocks Taylor Books.

Josh at Taylor Books, recorded May 25, 2007

Check back Thursday for the show, with complete production notes.  Keep your fingers crossed.  And visit the RFC MySpace page for video clips, behind-the-scenes stories, tales from the old radio days, and general friendliness.


  1. Alarmist Ent.

    The president knows he believes in the Unitary Executive Theory (We’re reading Takeover by Charlie Savage) but not much else…
    And we all know that “the inter-nets” are of the devil, so that would explain the delay in RFC…the devil…

  2. Elvis Capone

    I used to have lots of unitary track infections, but I stopped hanging around with unclean women so I got better.

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