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RFC 62: Bride, Grooms, Tofu, Jesus and Politically Incorrect Cows.

Radio Free Charleston episode 62 is online now! This installment features music from Tofujitsu (That’s Sean Richardson and Karen Allen) and The Bible Beaters. We also have a new trailer for Butch Maier’s “The Bride & The Grooms,” which will be playing at Park Place Stadium Cinema in April. Our animation is vintage stuff, with a cow rescuing two ducks from a racial stereotype.

Host segments were shot Monday afternoon in the sweltering heat of Summer’s Street right before Mel and I crashed a Shouts And Hollers meeting.  This show is called “Action Comics Shirt,” after the coolest shirt I’ve found in quite a while.

 (Ruditorial Note: A special feature in this episode is my major screw-up! I managed to edit, mix the audio for, and introduce the WRONG SONG for Tofujitsu.  Sean pointed it out in the comments below.  The song in this show is “Pop Up,” and it is a lovely song, but it’s not “Clap On, Clap Off.” That was the song I was supposed to include  in this episode. Instead, look for it in a future installment of RFC.  And kids, make a note, this is what happens when you edit video while hopped up on Orange Cream flavored Whoppers. Please, eat your candy responsibly.)

You may remember the really cool trailer we brought you on episode 56 for “The Bride & The Grooms.” Butch Maier’s three-state romantic epic is rapidly approaching, so we brought you a second trailer this week.  For those of you with shorter memories, “The Bride & The Grooms” is a feature-length romantic comedy about a woman who accidentally gets engaged to four men at the same time.

It’s a sweet, silly and smart story about how men and women miscommunicate. The family-friendly movie will premiere in select theaters around the country April 24-26, 2009. Locally, you can see it at Park Place, in downtown Charleston. Written, directed and produced by Butch Maier, the picture stars Jacilyn Ledford as the bride-to-be and Shaphan David Seiders, Michael Wendt, Christopher Leabu and Oliver Gray as her potential grooms. We’ll tell you more about the film as the premiere date draws closer.

Tofujitsu is a duo comprised of our old friends Karen Allen and Sean Richardson.  We’ve been trying to make our schedules match so we could have them on the show for some time. We finally caught up with them at LiveMix Studio last month, on an epic night of RFC taping (eleven songs by five acts in two locations!).

You’ve seen Sean and Karen on the show before with The Sleeping Dons, Whistlepunk, Strawfyssh, and Sean’s memorable solo spot doing “World Gone Mad” on episode 26.  It’s a real treat to finally have them on RFC in the duo format that they’ve been playing in around Charleston for the last couple of years.  In this episode, you get to hear Tofujitsu doing Karen’s tune, “Clap On, Clap Off.” Actually, you get to hear them perform “Pop Up.”- Rudy

Our animation this time is a vintage “gem” from the Krankertankerer Archives, “Politically Incorrect Cow Cartoon.” It’s introduced by my niece, Gina. Hi, Gina!

The Bible Beaters are here to save your souls.  This Portsmouth Ohio band recently made the pilgramage to The Empty Glass to rescue us from our heathen ways. They are one of the most fun bands we’ve had on RFC, and Melanie and I are both converts.

Johnny, Ms. E. Sippi, Shawn and King Bee brought the crowd at the Glass to their knees in a fit of rockabilly genuflection.  And a miracle happened that night. The forces of Satan conspired to cause RFC camera number three, our primary source of audio, to fail. We were left with substandard sound from our two close-up cameras.  But the lord prevailed! After I edited the video for “Praise Jesus,” suddenly there was a flash and the audio sounded almost as good as a studio recording. I think the lord even slipped in a little organ on the track.

The track we use for the end credits, “Jesus Is Going To Rock You Now,” did not fare as well. The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away. Rest assured that the next time The Bible Beaters come anywhere near Charleston, our cameras will be there, and the audio will be much better.

That’s the story behind RFC 62. Check back in a week for number 63, featuring The ButtonFlies and Stephen Beckner.


  1. Sean Richardson

    Hey Rudy! Thanks for posting the video! This song is titled, ‘PopUp’. I think the first song we played that night was ‘Clap On Clap Off’. We are just happy to appear on episode 62! Thanks for all you do to promote original music in town! -Sean

  2. Elvis Capone

    –this is what happens when you edit video while hopped up on Orange Cream flavored Whoppers–

    As much as I lurvs me some Radio Free Charleston, I would be more comfortable if you would keep your sexual exploits to yourself.

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