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RFC 83: Mother Nang, Open Mic @ Sam’s Uptown Cafe, Plus Lecherous Servants

Above you see “Silver Surfer Shirt,” the 83rd episode of Radio Free Charleston. In this episode you’ll find new music by Mother Nang as well as footage from the Tuesday Open Mic at Sam’s Uptown Cafe by James Brown, Sierra Ferrell and Patrick Stephens. We also have a Plant Ro Duction Mini Movie.

You also don’t want to miss out on the chance to win a beautiful Danelectro 1963 Reissue Guitar from Route 60 Music and Radio Free Charleston. Our contest, The First Great Guitar Giveaway, is drawing to a close. You have until midnight, September 30 to enter. Watch the show and enter. You’ll fling yourself into a deep depression if you miss the chance to win this fine instrument. If you can’t see the show at the top of this post, follow this link.

Host segments were shot high atop The Mound in South Charleston. Except for the final segment, they were accomplished in one take, which is why the wind is so obnoxious. We didn’t notice how bad it sounded until we checked the tape after we came down from the top, and we were too lazy to walk all the way back up and reshoot them. So deal with it. It was windy.

Headlining the show is Mother Nang. I wrote about this band–old friends of mine, all–last Friday in The PopCulteer, so you should follow this link and read about them.

The band is seen here in a psychedelic video for their song “The Painter.” We recorded this last Friday night at LiveMix Studio, where I got to direct using LiveMix’s Video Toaster. I handled the post-production and inserted the painterly psychedelica back here at Stately Radio Free Charleston Manor.

The song is incredible, and shows that the guys haven’t lost a step. Friday night was just an open rehearsal. When the Nang is ready to unleash their full force on the world, it will be an epic event.

We also have some killer talents winging our way from Sam’s Uptown Cafe. Every Tuesday night around 10 PM Sam’s plays host to an open mic night, presented by James Brown, who should be familiar to RFC viewers from his stints with Doctor Senator, Quick And Dirty and his solo band project, Liquid Canvas. From last Tuesday’s open mic, we have James with the lovely and talented Sierra Ferrell, singing the Citizen Cope song, “Sideways.” We plan to feature more music from James and Sierra in the future (and you can see a different clip of them at Sam’s here).

Closing the show, we have Patrick Stephens, James’ bandmate in Mr. Friend, performing an original tune, “Speak Spanish To God.” I fell in love with this song, so don’t be shocked if it turns up on the show again, with higher quality audio. This performance was recorded on a digital still camera with limited range, audio-wise.

In addition to the music, we have “Lecherous Servants Must Be Disciplined,” a short film by the Plant Ro Duction Genital Topiary Society And Hedge Fund. This steamy drama, filmed by The Plant Ro Duction team in the 1962, was adapted from the work of the great Southern playwrite, Tennessee Ernie Williams. It’s based on the first act of his play “Sixteen Ton Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.” If you look close, you’ll see James Arness and a young Mark Hamill standing behind the plants in the slapping scene.

That’s it for this week’s show. We’ll be back in seven days with our last show before we take a pre-Halloween break. Our Halloween show is shaping up to be our most spectacular yet….if we can think of something to do.


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