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RFC 92: Factory Blues And More

Right at the top of this post (or at this link, if technology is not being your friend today) you see the ninety-second episode of Radio Free Charleston, “Oingo Boingo Shirt.” This collection of local music, weird film and other cool stuff was carefully prepared by experienced Bavarian craftsmen, and is served up on a bed of fresh baby spinach for your personal delightrificationment.

Our music this time is by Joseph Hale, The Diablo Blues Band and the Blues Girls from the CYAC production of “The Blob.” We also have a Plant Ro Duction Mini Movie and a serious message from Ann Magnuson on behalf of Covenant House.

Host segments were shot in the parking lot at The Kanawha Mall. There was no particular reason for this,other than it was sunny and that’s where we ended up.

Before we dive into the frivolity and music, we present a new public service announcement for Covenant House by Ann Magnuson. This is a very important cause, and you should go here to learn more about how you can help.

Our first musical guest is our friend Joseph Hale, who shows up with a music video directed and edited by Dustin Wolfe. A word of warning to the weak of constitution: There are a couple of f-bombs in the song, and some of the video is pretty shocking. I loved it!

Following Joseph, we have a touching film by The Plant Ro Duction Counseling Center For Confused And/Or Stupid Youth. “Teen Couple Watches Porn” is a cautionary tale about kids who rush into something before they’re ready. In this case they’re simply too young and inexperienced to find the good Hentai at the DVD rental shop where the funny-smelling old man who doesn’t card anyone works.

Headling the show this week is The Diablo Blues Band. Fresh from backing up RFC’s resident Diva, Melanie Larch, on our Christmas show, the band cuts loose with “Hell To Pay,” an original tune written by Johnny “Hurricane” Compton and the late Jonathan “Kryptonite” Moss. Jonathan was killed in a car accident a little more than a year ago, and we dedicated RFC 57 to him.


The Diablo Blues Band was at full strength the night we recorded this song–Johnny Compton and Keef Mack on guitar, Kevin Kidd on bass, Tommy Fontaine on drums and John Chic with his incredible harmonica. We recorded the band last week at the Wednesday Night open mic at The Blue Parrot, where you can catch Johnny “Hurricane” Compton with Prank Monkey every week.


Wrapping up the show we have The Blues Girls, Maddie, Michelle, Liz and April from The Contemporary Youth Arts Company. The song is from “The Blob,” but this recording is from the Good Night performance at Trinity Lutheran Church on New Year’s Eve.e dropped this into our end credits to remind everyone that the CYAC production of Berthold Brecht’s “Galileo,” which starts this Friday at The WVSU Capitol Center Theater.

That’s it for this week’s RFC. In two weeks we will return with yet another amazing collection of moving images with musical accompanyment.


  1. Elvis Capone

    The giant of the cereals is Quaker Oats. You think about that next time you make your little web show.

  2. Brooke B.

    Hey, Rudy! Thanks for plugging the Covenant House spot. Ann delivers one heckuva heartfelt performance, does she not? Most folks don’t know that CH offers housing assistance for people coping with HIV/AIDS. But thanks to you, more people now know (and knowing is half the battle, after all). Kudos!

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