RFC 40 shotThe infamous 2008 April Fool’s Day episode of Radio Free Charleston is back online, with music from Paul Calicoat and Joe Slack and brand new special features that were never heard of again. You will see the only installment of “Eamon in the Street,” starring Eamon Hardiman, and you’ll see an animated version of outtakes of my interview with WWE Legend, Jerry “The King” Lawler.  This is the episode where I sneeze and break the RFC bug, and we have to replace it with a gaudy animated one.

We billed the show as brand new start, breaking from the stagnant old format of the show’s first 39 episodes. The joke is that with episode 41 all the new changes were gone, and we reverted to whatever passes for normal with RFC.

We open this show with a new theme song, a new look for your host, Rudy Panucci, and plenty of new features that were only ever on this one show. We even shot the host segments in Huntington, with Panucci wearing a shirt emblazoned with “Charleston.” To answer your questions: Yes, that was really the voice of Jerry Lawler. Yes, that was Eamon Hardiman laying in Elizabeth Street. Yes, we recorded Joe Slack in the parking lot behind Kanawha County Public Library. Yes, that was the Keith-Albee that I called “The La Belle.” Yes, I’m writing about myself in the third person. And yes, that is a toupee.

We named it “Marvin The Wonder Pelt.”