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December 26, 2014

It’s the day after Christmas, and hardly anyone will be reading PopCult. However, since I’m still doing the “fresh content every day” thing, I thought I’d take a moment to thank my loyal readers for sticking with me since 2005, when we fired up this blog.

It’s been a notable year for me. I (finally) married Melanie Larch. Radio Free Charleston passed our two-hundredth video episode and launched a streaming radio show which can be heard weekly on New Appalachian Radio. Plus, between The RFC MINI SHOW and our regular Radio Free Charleston video show, we’ve delivered local music video to you on an almost weekly basis. In fact, I’ve posted more than twenty-five hours of video this year for my PopCult readers to enjoy.

This is not just a big build-up so I can sneak in an announcement that I’m taking this weekend off from making video (I am. The next RFC MINI SHOW will debut January 5, 2015), I’m just taking a quiet moment to reflect on what I’ve cranked out this year.

PopCult's partner-in-crime, Melanie Larch

PopCult’s partner-in-crime, Melanie Larch

Plans for PopCult in 2015 are brighter still. I will be attending and reporting on The New York International Toy Fair in February. In March, Melanie and I will return to JoeLanta, in Atlanta, and you’ll have plenty of news and video from there. June sees a return to The Marx Toy Convention in Wheeling. In September we’ll be part of ShockaCon, right here in Charleston. We hope to bring you cool PopCult-y stuff from other great places too, all year long. If anyone would care to drop a note to the Charleston Gazette or the Reader’s Voice to let them know how much you enjoy PopCult and Radio Free Charleston, it’d be greatly appreciated.

And if you have comments or suggestions, post them in our comments section. Feedback is good, even when it’s coming from folks who don’t like us.

Stuff To Do

I’m sure that there are more cool events happening this weekend, but these stood out because they had graphics I could use.







That wraps up the last PopCulteer of 2014. Check back for most of our regular features as 2014 slides into home.