RFC 108 "To The Batmobile Shirt" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

RFC-108-AM-01This week we go back just a little less than five years ago for episode 108 of Radio Free Charleston, “To The Batmobile Shirt.” Note that this shirt depicts the Batmobile that George Barris created for the Batman TV show, and not some cheesy knockoff that might be failing to meet its reserve on eBay right now.

Aside from our title shirt, this is one of our strongest shows, with great live music, a killer animated music video and two really cool short films. It’s also one of our last shows before we switched to HD Widescreen.

The music on this show is by InFormation, Volt 9000 and The AK40 Sexuals.  We also have short films from K.D. Lett and Scott Elkins. This was our first show after producing six episodes devoted to FestivALL. You can read the production notes HERE. You can see the latest collaboration between Volt 9000 and Frank Panucci in episode 209.