Image51This week as we mark 1000 consecutive days with a post here in PopCult, we are going to go back three years to bring you Radio Free Charleston 184, “Sherlock Shirt.” This show was shot all over the city of Charleston and featured the RFC debuts of both The Carpenter Ants and Time and Distance. Plus we had a song from the late Joseph Hale (in a music video by Murfmeef) and a preview of the Alban Arts Center production of Edward Albee’s “A Delicate Balance” as well as then-brand new animation from Frank Panucci.

It’s amazing how thngs have changed since this time, just three short years ago.  The Carpenter Ants have been to Russia and Back. Time and Distance traveled to Britain and Europe. We lost Joseph. I took PopCult daily and RFC returned to its radio roots (though the video show will be back soon).

Oh, and your PopCulteer got married and was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. It just goes to show, time flies when you’re having fun. Original production notes are HERE.