Radio Free Charleston 68, “Axiom Starliner Shirt,” is back online.  This episode of your favorite local music, animation and film show featured music from Jeff Ellis and Marcie Bullock. We also had the first edition of The Radio Free Charleston Financial Report, as well as the debut of the cutest li’l cute cartoon show in the history of cuteness, “Cuticles.” neither of those segments ever appeared in the show again!

Host segments for this show were shot late one Sunday evening in the parking lot at the Nitro Marketplace shopping center. “Why there?” You ask? I honestly have no idea. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The green ball cap seemed like a good idea, too, but it sure looks stupid on screen. The shirt was from the movie, “Wall-E.” This episode also includes the ultimate onscreen URL joke, in case you were wondering which show that one was in. You can find the original production notes HERE.

With this week’s edition of the RFC Flashback, we have a bit of a twist to the concept. You may remember that we started this series because MySpace suddenly and unexpectedly pulled the plug on all the videos we had hosted there last year. This left the first hundred or so episodes of Radio Free Charleston offline. That’s why we’ve been restoring the shows and re-uploading them to YouTube at the rate of one per week.

Well, MySpace just reversed everything a couple of days ago, and, for now, the early episodes of RFC are available to watch and embed. I still plan to remaster the old shows and upload them to YouTube, but sometime next week I will use the MySpace videos to fill in the gaps and present an archive website with every episode of Radio Free Charleston to date, posted in a chronologically-ordered blog format.