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Sunday Evening Videos: Top O Rock

1908313_10152441709216974_730008612934308676_nThis week we’re going to try and keep the focus on saving Henry Elden’s architectural masterpiece, Top O Rock, which has fallen into disrepair and is in danger of being demolished. I’ve written about it HERE and HERE, and as I write this, there is still no news other than a rapidly approaching deadline. Above you see a video by Motion Masters that shows off the structure in its prime from the HGTV show, “Dream Builders.”

Below you see a video that was apparently shot by trespassers last year, before the worst of the vandals descended on the house. It contains some not-safe-for-work language, but it gives you a good idea how long the property had been neglected and how much damage was done after this video was shot. It also shows how unsecured the property had been for a long time. I do have to warn you, if you care about Top O Rock, this video is really heartbreaking.

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  1. Mark

    Thanks for bringing attention to this, Rudy!

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