Radio Free Charleston’s 76th episode, “Peace Sign Shirt,” was the last episode of the show hosted on the Charleston Gazette servers, and it features two long songs by Option 22 and Suburban Graffiti, punctuated by a Plant Ro Duction Mini Movie, and a couple of important announcements.

The remastering of this show involved me going in and doing some major post-production surgury on the Suburban Graffiti song. Don’t get me wrong–the song is great, but my recording of it left a lot to be desired.I was just learning to use the Zoom H4 at this point and ran the lines in to the recorder too hot, leaving us with a shrill, yet muddy sound. I went back in and through the wonders of digital filters and compression made the song more listenable, but it still doesn’t quite do the group justice.

Option 22 fared better, since we had a great recording to begin with.

After this episode of RFC, we began posting the show directly to MySpace, which turned out to be a disaster when they unceremoniously dumped all their video uploads, which is why we now find ourselves remastering and re-uploading the older episodes of the show to YouTube.

You can find the original production notes HERE.