This is the first episode of Radio Free Charleston that was produced and posted independently of the Charleston Gazette. When it first went live in August, 2009, it was posted directly to MySpace.

And that’s why it’s being re-posted again, because MySpace turned out to be a bag of idjits.

This episode features music by Universes and OVADA, both recorded at The Empty Glass, plus a snippet of The Contemporary Youth Arts Company’s 2008 production, “Jack The Ripper,” featuring Ryan Hardiman who has done just under 300 local musical theater productions since.


The timing for bringing this show back from limbo couldn’t be better. Universes was a duo consisting of Jason Reese and Justin Gardner. After a while, Universes sort of faded away, and Jason joined the group, Farnsworth, which was another duo, this time with Chris Vance.

Farnsworth, has decided to change things up a bit, and they’ve brought in a new member–Justin Gardner. He makes his debut with the band tonight at The Boulevard Tavern. Farnsworth shares the bill with Silent Lions and My City at 10 PM. So it’s sort of like a reunion of Universes, or a supergroup, or a Rugby team or something.

SPECIAL UPDATE: In an even more stunning devclopment, it turns out that the new member of Farnsworth is NOT Justin Gardner, but is in fact just another guy named “Justin.” PLEASE UPDATE YOUR PERSONAL RADIO FREE CHARLESTON DATABASE AND SCORECARD ACCORDINGLY!”

Sadly, Ovada has not yet gotten back together, but we’re still hoping. Rad, Joseph, are you listening?

Our title shirt was from the band, Joy Division. Our location was on the East End of Charleston, and our “Fake Rudy” at the end was the one I was asked not to use when the show was hosted on the Gazette servers. The original production notes can be found HERE.