RFC 80 "No Pants Players Shirt" from RFC Archives on Myspace.

We go back to september, 2009 for the 80th edition of Radio Free Charleston. This episode features a vintage music video by Go Van Gogh, and two then-new recordings of Blue Million. Coincidentally enough, just a couple of weeks ago we caught The Nanker Phelge (featuring Go Van Gogh’s Stephen Beckner) playing with Blue Million at Dunbar Lanes. Host segments were shot across the street from the studios of WCHS Radio.  Back in the late 1980s/early 1990s, Radio Free Charleston was a radio show that emenated from that building.

In addition to the music, this episode also includes the animated “Digitally Assaulted Charleston #2” plus a vintage commerical for The GI Joe Adventure Team and a promo for the First Guitar Giveaway, which ended almost five years ago, so don’t bother entering. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t run to Route 60 Music for all your music needs, because they still rule the valley.

You can find the original production notes HERE.