This week we take you back to 2007, via 2010. Radio Free Charleston’s 13th episode, “World Without Fear Shirt” was sort of unlucky. It had great music and animation in it, but the episode was lost in a hard drive crash and couldn’t be recovered from back-up discs. In 2010, I discovered a file that contained all the elements of the show and was able to reconstruct it with a new introduction. This show feaures Martyranny’s Collective Pulse, The Concept and animation and a short film from Frank Panucci.

The main reason for the new intro was to explain what had happened, but also to correct the horrible mispronounciation of Martyranny’s Collective Pulse, which I butchered throughout the original episode. “Marty-Ranny” remains to this day the worst botched intro in the history of Radio Free Charleston.

You can read the original production notes here, and the reassembled notes here.