5075207This week we’re going back to September 2013 for the very first RFC MINI SHOW. That episode featured Jabberwocky, a Huntington-based dance band that has since morphed into the band Mojomatic, with many of the same core members.

We recorded Jabberwocky at The Blue Parrot and chose them because they were primarily a cover band. The reasons for the creation of The RFC MINI SHOW were twofold: First, I wanted to create a nearly-weekly presence for Radio Free Charleston, and this shorter format was intended to fill in the gaps in the weeks between full-length episodes of RFC. Second, I wanted to include more cover songs, but if I drop a cover song into a full-length episode, then it might wind up blocked in some countries or with an advertisement running in front, and that wasn’t really fair to the bands that do original music.

We recorded Jabberwocky performing Eddie Floyd’s “Knock On Wood,” and Stevie Wonder’s “Uptight (Everything’s All Right).”  You can read the original production notes HERE.