This week we’re going to ramp up our game of catch up and bring you three classic episodes of Radio Free Charleston. These are not remastered, but instead are the edited versions that were posted to MySpace four or five years ago. Recently, MySpace brought back all the videos that they had removed from public display and we’re going to use those clips to fill in the gaps for videos that we haven’t remastered yet. This week we’re posting episodes 20, 22 and 25. Next week we’ll bring you three more of these.

Episode Twenty features music from Josh Buskirk plus Whistlepunk with Karen Allen of Tofujitsu on lead vocals. This show will eventually be remastered with the original animation restored, but this edited version has replacement stuff. From May, 2007. Read the production notes HERE.

RFC 20: "Carmen Shirt" from RFC Archives on Myspace.

Next up it’s episode 22, with tons of cool stuff. We have a Voices of Anatole video directed by Holly Siders, the first appearance of Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen when they were called “Aurora,” plus The No Pants Players eat a watermelon and Frank Panucci presents his classic cartoon, “No Running.” From June 2007. Production notes are HERE.

RFC 22" Shark Boy Shirt from RFC Archives on Myspace.

Finally, we have episode 25, which brings you music from The Amazing Delores and Joe Slack, plus we have scenes from Frank Panucci’s “Repurkussionz,” “Brokeback Coalmine,” a re-working/butchering of a short film by Danny Boyd and Steve Gilliland and part of Melanie Larch’s coverage of FestivALL 2007. From August of that year. Production notes are HERE.

RFC 25 from RFC Archives on Myspace.

Including these three episodes, the RFC Archive Blog now has every episode of Radio Free Charleston and The RFC MINI SHOW dating back to episode 89, in December 2009, and all of our first 25 episodes from 2006 and 2007.  We have around 35 shows missing from 2007 to 2009, but we’re working on getting those up and running as soon as possible.