This is the Radio Free Charleston 2013 Halloween special…part one!

This year we once again recorded our Halloween show at Shocka-Con, Charleston’s own Horror Convention, which took place in September. This is the first of our two-week Halloween show, and this week you’ll hear music from HarraH, The Renfields, The Big Bad and The McGees, plus you will see something we rarely do on RFC–Rudy Panucci interviews people…poorly!

You will see interviews with Jeremy Ambler, Eamon Hardiman, Danny Hicks and The Fiend, plus we’re going to bring you some of the sights and sounds of Shocka-Con 2013.

Image2We start the show with a reprise of the promo clip I assembled for Kanawha Players’ production of “Night of the Living Dead,” then we get into the meat of things with our first interview. Jeremy Ambler is West Virginia’s star Zombie. You might have seen him in the first two seasons of “The Walking Dead,” and he was also a special guest performer as “Zombie #1” in KP’s production of “Night of the Living Dead.”

KP's Night of the Living Dead

KP’s Night of the Living Dead

Speaking of which, we next jump to a live sample of the show, perfomed on the Shocka-Con stage, by Cynthia Hall and Christopher Weddle. As I write this, you have two more chances to see this terrific live stage translation of George Romero’s genre-defining Zombie classic. Rumor has it that the show may spring to life one more time, but we don’t know for sure. “Night of the Living Dead” has been a huge hit for Kanawha Players, selling out the first two nights.



While we’re on the subject of Zombies, HarraH brings us “Deathburn,” which just happens to be about dealing with the aftermath of a Zombie apocalypse. Harrah made their Shocka-Con debut this year, and had the whole crowd hopping with the hardened rock they swing like a sword.

One reason we slotted them in this spot was HarraH’s frontman, Lee Harrah, made his stage debut as a hungry zombie in “Night of the Living Dead,” so we’re keeping it all in the family here. Look for more of HarraH’s Shocka-Con set on a future RFC MINI SHOW.

Image6aAfter HarraH, we turn to our interview with local filmmaker/auteur, Eamon Hardiman, the creator of the Porkchop Trilogy and the director of “The Crawling Dead” and “Pig Girl.” Eamon fills us in on all his latest projects and hints at what the future may hold for Razor Sharp Productions.

Image7We get to see Pig Girl herself in brief walk-by before we launch into The Renfields performing their song, “Porkchop,” dedicated to Eamon’s movie. The Revfields just starred in the most recent episode of The RFC MINI SHOW and are hard at work recording a new album.

Image8You can also see The Renfields Halloween night at The Boulevard Tavern, along with one of our other Halloween Special musical guests, The Big Bad. You’ll also have a chance to pick up The Renfields comic book. It’s a busy time of the year for Transylvania’s top musical export.

Image10Immediately following The Renfields, we speak with The Fiend, in what may well be the most enlightening interview I’ve ever conducted. The man’s insight into life, music, art and film is just amazing. I think The Fiend should probably release a spoken-word album of his collected wisdom.

Image11Following The Fiend, we get a quick look at some of the cosplay that happened at Shocka-Con. You can see why I turned our Shocka-Con coverage into our Halloween show again this year. People were dressing up and having fun everywhere.

The Big Bad

The Big Bad

After our look at the costumes, we sit back and are carressed by the horror-punk music of The Big Bad. They serenade us with their tribute to the classic horror movie, “Fright Night.” We mentioned that The Big Bad were teaming up with The Renfields on Halloween night at The Boulevard Tavern.

The Big Bad will also be at The Empty Glass on November 2 for the annual Halloween Hootenanny, where they will be on the bill with the reunited Pistol Whippers, who have their own history with RFC Halloween specials. Word is that members of both bands might just reconstitute Beaver Knievel that night.

Image16After that we have an all-too-brief chat with Danny Hicks, who has been seen in “Evil Dead II,” “Darkman,” “Spider-man 2,” and “Porkchop,” to just name a few. In this clip you can see just how inept an interviewer RFC host Rudy Panucci can be.

The McGees

The McGees

Following Mr. Hicks we have a quick look at some of the vendor tables, before we wind up the Show with The McGees, returning from last year’s Shocka-Con and playing us out with a blast of pure Ska goodness.

You will want to come back next week for Foz Rotton, The Nanker Phelge, The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque, the Dancing Zombie flash mob and interviews with Eliska Hahn, Danny Boyd, RJ Haddy and A Dalek, plus more music from The Big Bad and The Renfields. That’s next week, this week we a damned good show, too!