rfci-june-variant-005For the first time in a month, Thursday is when we drop a new Radio Free Charleston International on an unsuspecting public at 3 PM on The AIR. Tune in at the website, or on this handy embedded radio player…

Back from having his Thursdays filled with such trivial matters as eye surgery and paying work, your PopCulteer has finally resumed the RFC International grind, with a show that is just full of an eclectic assortment of music.

After another morning and afternoon filled with great new music plus special replays of Curtain Call and Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, we drop an atomic bomb of mostly-new music on Radio Free Charleston International at 3 PM with another show that harkens back to the glory days of free-format radio.

Listeners will get to hear brand-new music by Chuck Berry, The Foo Fighters, Ray Davies, Todd Rundgren and Donald Fagan, Erasure and more. It’s another of our trademark hodge-podge episodes that should work, but on RFC International, we somehow find a way to make it all flow into a cohesive musical experience. Even when we segue from Frank Sinatra to The Stranglers. Just check out the playlist below.

You can hear Radio Free Charleston International on The AIR Thursday at 3 PM, with replays Friday at 9 AM and 10 PM, Saturday at 11 AM and Sunday at 1 AM and 10 PM.

Following RFC International on Thursday,you can listen to this week’s new Radio Free Charleston, with all-new music from The Weedhaven Laughing Academy, Pale Nova and more at 5 PM, and The New Music Show at 6 PM , The Crazy Show at 6:30 PM. In prime-time, it’s this week’s episodes of The Swing Shift and Curtain Call, followed at 10 PM by Live From The Empty Glass (this week with Spurgie Hankins Band, Tyler Chidlers and more). All night long after that, it’s a marathon of The Swing Shift.

Here is your RFC International playlist:

Desmond Dekker  “It Mek”
Chuck Berry  “Jamaica Moon”
Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello  “My Brave Face (demo)”
Hank Marvin  “Peter Gunn/Baby Elephant Walk”
Foo Fighters  “Detroit Rock City”
Steven Universe  “We Are The Crystal Gems”
James McCartney  “Peyote Coyote”
Todd Rundgren and Donald Fagan  “Tin Foil Hat”
Andy James  “From The Dark”
Mainhorse  “Such A Beautiful Day”
Duncan McKay and George Voros  “Let Go”
Frank Sinatra  “She Says”
The Stranglers  “European Female”
Thunderclap Newman  “Something In The AIR”
Gentle Giant  “Dog’s Life”
Rancid  “Telegraph Avenue”
Marillion  “Man Of A Thousand Faces (live)”
Imagine Dragons  “Blank Space/Stand By Me”
George Harrison  “Got My Mind Set On You (extended mix)”
Julian Lennon  “Lucy”
Cheap Trick  “Everything Works (If You Let It)”
Erasure  “Love You To The Sky”
The Paladins  “New World”
The New Triumvirat  “Party Life”
Ray Davies  “Wings of Fantasy”
Blondie  “Fragments”