img_0228We are dicing up the photo essays from WonderFest USA into tiny, bite-sized pieces because the new blogging software here at PopCult does not like those huge 100-image essays I used to post.

Today it’s our first look at the Monsters of WonderFest USA. To refresh your memory, you can see an earlier photo essay that has links to other photo essays from last weekend’s show HERE. We’re gonna have a lot of these over the next few days, so get used to them.

Some of the kits you’ll see are traditional model kits, some are resin kits and some are scratch-built. I have no idea which are which because I didn’t take notes. All of them are impressive as hell, so just scroll through and let your eyes pop out.

We’ll be posting a bunch more, so keep checking PopCult for the further photographic adventures of Rudy at WonderFest.


Everybody’s favorite mutant, from Metaluna.


“Mummy, Mummy! Why I an running in circles?”


Nosferatu or bust!


Ah, a sea-going Kaiju.


Stop Dragon my heart around.


Giger’s Alien, Choreography by Bob Fosse.


A table full of random monsters.


Another table full of random monsters.


We spotted this life-sized bit of room decor in the dealer room. They also had The Creature, but my photo came out blurry.

Stay tuned for more from WonderFest USA. We’ll have more monsters, spaceships and Super Heroes coming up soon.