img_0264We are dicing up the photo essays from WonderFest USA into tiny, bite-sized pieces because the new blogging software here at PopCult does not like those huge 100-image essays I used to post.

In this post we take our first look at Superheroes. These mythical comic book creations sprang to life all over the floor of WonderFest, with kits, statues and even some wild scratch-built figures.

To the right, and below, you’ll see “Mad Max Batman,” a diorama built by Scott Beckmann. This gem was photographed by Fine Scale Modeler for inclusion in an upcoming issue. There were mighty feats of super-heroics all over the place at WonderFest.

We’ll be posting a bunch more, so keep checking PopCult for the further photographic adventures of Rudy at WonderFest. Tomorrow we’ll look at random coolness, and then we’ll revisit our previous topics.


A slightly closer look at Scott Beckmann’s incredible Batman


A small sampling of the superhero models on display


This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles diorama was hard to get near to photograph. Everybody wanted a shot.


Here’s another angle.


A really nice build of the Green Lantern kit.


Experimenting with pulled-focus on a cool Avengers kit that was hidden behind the Turtles diorama.


More random heroes, including a huge 3-D printed Punisher, based on a painting by Ariel Olivetti.


We leave you with a great build-up of the Yvonne Craig Batgirl kit.

The WondeFest coverage will continue to trickle out here at PopCult. Stay tuned.