We go back to our back-up formula this week for Radio Free Charleston International, which you can hear at 3 PM Thursday timeslot on The AIR. You can listen at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

As is our new Thursday norm, we now have a replay of this week’s Radio Free Charleston at 2 PM, followed by a brand-new episode of Radio Free Charleston International at 3 PM. For you old-timers who remember the original broadcast incarnation of , this combination comes close to recreating the original experience, with your PopCulteer unleashed to play whatever he felt like playing, mixed with a generous helping of great local music.

You can read about this week’s episode of RFC HERE.

Radio Free Charleston International is the two-hour weekly show where Rudy Panucci (that’s me, by the way) gets to play whatever he wants. It’s our way of revisiting the golden age of free-format radio, which is sort of what inspired us to go into this medium in the first place.

Once again in this week’s new episode of Radio Free Charleston International, I’m going with a mimxtape presentation, so to find out what I’m playing, you’ll have to follow along with the playlist below.  This week we’re using this format because a combination of technical issues and really loud stuff happening in the neighborhood have made it difficult to record the host segments, and I’m still working on the show just hours before it debuts. Today’s show is loaded with great music from the team of Andy Partridge and Robyn Hitchcock, Eddie Jobson, Rick Wakeman, The Dukes of The Stratosphear and Mike McGear.

If you want to buy the opening track, which is a new collaboration between XTC’s former frontman, Andy Partridge, and Robyn Hitchcock, go to Burning Shed Records, who will ship it to you direct from Planet England. We’ll be mentioning them again in the Gift Guide very soon.

Check out the playlist:

RFC International 074

Andy Partridge & Robyn Hitchcock “Planet England”
Mike McGear “Have You Got Problems”
Rick Wakeman “White Rock”
Eddie Jobson “Resident”
The Clash “Justice Tonight/Kick It Over”
The Pixies “Daniel Boone”
Hawkwind “All Aboard The Skylark”
Marilyn Manson “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”
ELO “One More Time”
Animal ДжаZ “Так надо”
Ray Wilson “Bless Me”
Dukes of the Stratosphear “Human Beans”
Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisted “Musical Box”
Jethro Tull “Budapest”
Dosed “Jam Song”
Jan Akkerman “Good Body Every Evening”
Moana “Promise”
The Brokedown Dukes “Hellbound”
Reverent Jukie “Creole Love Call”
Charlie P “Secret Survivor”

You can tune in to RFC International every Thursday at 3 PM on The AIR. If you miss it, you have plenty of chances to catch a replay: Fridays at 1 PM and 10 PM, Saturdays at 1 PM, Sundays at 1 AM and 2 PM, Mondays at 9 PM, and Tuesdays at 11 PM, exclusively on The AIR.

The 2019 PopCult Gift Guide will resume this afternoon.