This weekend you can tune in to  The AIR for a marathon of our flagship show, Radio Free Charleston. You can leap over and tune in at the website, or you could just stay on this page, and listen to this swell little embedded radio player…

Starting Friday at 9 AM, and running until midnight, Sunday, we will present every 2020 episode of the new three-hour version of the show, with a few of last year’s episodes of RFC and RFC International included to make sure there are no repeats during the first 60 hours of the marathon. After our Sunday night marathon of The Swing Shift, the RFC marathon will resume Monday morning at 7 AM, and run for an additional 24 hours.

This special event will let listeners spend the unofficial start of summer this weekend by listening to a great mix of local music with the best cool music in the world.

It will also let your PopCulteer attempt to relax a bit for a few days.

It kicks off Friday morning, with a replay of the final 2019 episodes of RFC and RFC International, before we combined them into one big weekly show. Then you can catch up with the new episodes of Radio Free Charleston Volume 5. Join us as we perfect the art of slacking off this weekend on The AIR.