Image2This week the RFC MINI SHOW brings you a group so new that we actually recorded them the first time they performed together in public. Lovejoy and The Killjoys is Chris Lovejoy on guitar and vocals, Matt Spade on mandolin and vocals and Stan Bumgardner playing fiddle. I just met Chris and Matt briefly at Third Eye Cabaret last week, while Stan has appeared on RFC in the past with Elektro Biscuit and The Poor Taters, but I haven’t had the chance to get to know him well yet.

Of course, Radio Free Charleston is all about making new friends and seeking out new music, and it doesn’t get much newer than Lovejoy amd The Killjoys. They had their second show last Saturday at Taylor Books (with Washboard Dave sitting in) and I would be surprised if they don’t become a fixture on the local scene. Their music is of Appalachia, with a ton of extra ingredients mixed in. We’ll keep you posted on their future appearances.

Next week get ready for another full length episode of Radio Free Charleston with music from Project Biscotti, Dina Hornbaker, Jordan Searles and some other fine folks, plus animation from Jake Fertig.