This week the RFC MINI SHOW is devoted to the horror-punk juicy goodness of The Big Bad. The band will be playing at The Empty Glass Saturday, February 15, with The Jasons, from Crystal Lake, and The Station(s) from Huntington. In this show, you will hear The Big Bad perform “Fright Night” and “The Omen,” both tunes based on classic horror movies.

We recorded both of these songs last year at ShockCon, and brought them to you previously on our Halloween episodes last October, but now you can hear them back-to-back as they were performed, with some between-song banter intact.

Of late, Zack from The Big Bad has been teaming up with Foz Rotten, another guest on our Halloween shows from ShockaCon last year, to do a podcast about horror movies, “Wish Every Day Was Halloween” (named after the Big Bad song that was seen and heard in RFC 85 back in the day). You can check out the podcastt here.