The PopCulteer
October 28, 2022

Your PopCulteer is going to make his first-ever appearance on WTSQ-88.1 FM (Status Quo to their friends) Friday between Noon and 1 PM. As I write this, I have no idea what I’ll be talking about, but it’s going to be the first time my dulcet tones have gone out over the local radio airwaves since, I think, 2008.It’ll be cool to visit their newish digs at the People’s Building, which has been the subject of Monday Morning Art more than once.

I want to thank Josh Gaffin for the invite, and I expect to have a lot of fun. Unlike on The AIR, I will be watching my mouth and not using the fun words. You can listen in over the air if you’re in their listening area, or at their website, anywhere in the dang world.

Since I wrote that first sentence, I have heard from Josh, and we’ll be talking about Radio Free Charleston and cool stuff happening this weekend.

And that makes a great segue, because one of  the cool things happening this weekend, Saturday in Lewisburg and Sunday afternoon in Charleston, is that Ann Magnuson will be presenting Spooky Songs and Stories with Halloween Sururalism, which I told you about Wednesday, but I’m gonna run the graphic again right here…

…making that an even better segue, Ann is scheduled to be on Status Quo at 1 PM, right after yours truly, so it’s sort of like one-stop shopping, only without the shopping part. Mel and I will be at her show at the WV Music Hall of Fame in the Charleston Town Center Sunday afternoon,  so it all ties together with serendipity and stuff. Plus admission is free Sunday, at least.

Meanwhile, on The AIR

Back in the world of internet radio stations that happen to be part of this blog, PopCult‘s internet radio arm  is going to get an early start on Halloween Friday afternoon on The AIR.  You can hear a lot of Halloween music  on The AIR website, or just click on the embedded player found elsewhere on this page.

In the past I have gone overboard with Halloween video and audio content for PopCult and The AIR and I have no problem warming up those cold dishes this weekend.  With sneak previews all day Friday, and full marathons running from Midnight Friday/Saturday  through Tuesday morning, we’ll be flooding our little internet communications platform with special Halloween programming that includes Scary episodes of Prognosis, Curtain Call, MIRRORBALL, Radio Free Charleston and Sydney’s Big Electric Cat plus some classic radio drama and a three-part special of music inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. Also in the mix, you’ll have multiple chances to hear two different versions of War of The Worlds, plus Oingo Boingo’s Halloween Farewell Concert and tons of other cool spooky and novelty music and comedy.


Wednesday I told you about a whole bunch of cool events happening this weekend, but since then I’ve uncovered graphics for a few more, plus the news that Travis Vandal will be at Taylor Books this Saturday. Check out these other things happening in the Mountain State this weekend…





That is it for this week’s PopCulteer. For some reason I feel like I’m a bit written out this weekend. Still, check back for our regular features, including a special treat on Sunday, plus listen to me on Status Quo Friday afternoon and check out The AIR for spooky fun all weekend.