I’m a doting Uncle.  When I see a cool toy for my niece or nephews, I pick it up and wait until just the right moment to spring it on them so I can cement my status as “Coolest Uncle In The World.”  Recently, I picked up a plush talking figure of TNA Wrestling’s Samoa Joe, “The Samoan Submission Machine.”  It’s one of those stuffed figures that talks when you punch it.  I haven’t doled this one out to the kids yet, and the other day when I was looking at it sitting there in my living room, it hit me….this toy grappler didn’t really look much like Samoa Joe, but it bore what I consider to be an uncanny resemblance to our Governor, Joe Manchin.  See for yourself…..


….now, I don’t know if this means that we should start calling the Governor “The Marion County Submission Machine,” or if maybe Samoa Joe will hit the six-sided ring in TNA and declare it “Open For Business.”  I do know that I found it a tad amusing.  I immediatley thought that maybe the next time the legislature’s in town we can get a crowd of people to chant, “Joe’s gonna kill you!”  Of course, I was on cough medicine at the time.