Radio Free Charleston 203, “Welcome To Woodbury Shirt,” features music from Sasha Colette, Tyler Childers and Elephant in the Room, and animation from Third Mind Incarnation and Frank Panucci. This show is a bit of a showcase for how vast our archives are. We have music recorded over four years ago mixed in with music recorded as recently as last Friday night.

Part of the reason for this is to boast a bit about the new audio incarnation of Radio Free Charleston, which starts tomorrow at Voices of Appalachia‘s New Appalachia Radio. On that show I will be bringing you music from my twenty-five years deep archive. Check PopCut Tuesday morning for complete details on how and where you can hear “Radio Free Charleston: Volume Three.”

Timmy from Pentagram Flowerbox

This episode of our video version of RFC features host segments shot at Riverwalk Plaza in South Charleston. The show opens with yet another gem from the Third Mind Incarnation archive. This time Timmy extols the virtues of Gummi candy.

Sasha Colette

Our first musical guest, Sasha Colette, appears in archival footage shot at LiveMix Studio back in 2010. This comes from footage provided by Adam Harris, shot and recorded by Brian Young at the original home base of Radio Free Charleston. Sasha is an area treasure and her performance of “You Had Me” shows why.

You can next catch Sasha Colette and the Magnolias, along with The Company Stores (coming soon to RFC themselves) at The V Club in Huntington on November 22.

Animation by Frank Panucci

Following Sasha, we have LAX Marbles, semi-abstract, relaxing and compelling animation by Frank Panucci.

Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers hails from Eastern Kentucky, but also spends a lot of time in Lewisburg lately. Scotty Johnson, the owner of The Bowling Alley-Dunbar, has had Tyler in to perform several times and asked us to come check him out. He told me, “He’s a young guy, but his voice sounds older than the hills.”

So the RFC crew went over to the Bowling Alley just last Friday and we were quite impressed. You can expect to see Tyler on The RFC MINI SHOW sometime soon, but for now you can listen to his incredible story-song, “Harlan Road.” We decided to get fancy and do this one in sepia tones, just because it seemed right.

Elephant in the Room

Our final musical number is by Elephant in the Room. The stars of Episode thirty-six of The RFC MINI SHOW turn up performing an epic song, “Running From The Stars,” which closes our show. This song, which we recorded back in August, shares some musical DNA with The Beatles’ “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” and that’s a very good thing.

Heres the shirt. Its apparently out of stock at the moment

It’s really cool to close the show with such a powerful piece of music. You can be sure we’ll have more from this band on the show in the future. Our titular shirt this week comes from The Woodbury Shoppe, in Senoia, GA, where The Walking Dead is filmed. You can see video of our trip to the town that played Woodbury HERE.

Once again, in this show we announce our new audio version of the show, which will be heard weekly on New Appalachian Radio at Voices of Appalachia. Check PopCult Tuesday morning for more details and a full playlist of our first show.