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ssocover1We wanted to alert our loyal PopCult readers to a Kickstarter project that’s almost at its end. THE SECRET SOCIETY is a terrific comic book, produced by some of the folks associated with the Charlton Neo movement, and you have less than two days to support it and get in on the fun.

THE SECRET SOCIETY is a superhero-secret agent team of ‘metaphysical crimefighters’ developed by creator and writer Bradley Mason Hamlin with artist Mort Todd. The Society is made up of EDDIE CROSSBONES, a living skeleton, LUCY HELL, a devilgirl, PIG-MAN, a porcine powerhouse, HOURGLASS, a time-traveler who can’t control her powers, EL SECRETO, a man known as “the secret,” AGENT ADAMS, a fellow who gets his super powers from drinking spirits and many more!

The characters already have a cult following on the web through the Mystery Island websites and pulp novelettes of their adventures. This publication marks their first full comic book appearance and is now available with 8 variant covers showcasing individual members of the Secret Society. To see a TOP SECRET dossier on all the members of the Society, along with wild art, go to the MYSTERY ISLAND HQ.

Many consider the Secret Society worthy of films, TV and merchandise. The denizens of Mystery Island agree and this Kickstarter will help spread the word on this great super-group!

This comic features 40 pages with 3 complete stories presenting the origins of the Society’s most intense heroes… EDDIE CROSSBONES, the Living Skeleton; LUCY HELL, Devilgirl, EL SECRETO, the Man of Mystery and BLOODY MARIA, the Barrio Bombshell.

You can support THE SECRET SOCIETY and get a copy of SECRET SOCIETY ORIGINS #1 (along with other perks) by visiting the Kickstarter page in the widget below…