nsu-buffy-coverThe PopCulteer
July 28 , 2017

It’s going to be short PopCulteer this week. Deadlines, life and unwatched television are all eating into my writing time. However, we do have some random items to divert your attention.

First of all, there is a new issue of Non Sport Update popping up on newsstands across the country. NSU is the long-running bi-monthly Bible for collectors of Non Sport Trading cards. If you’re not clear on what that is, I’m talking about the cool trading cards, like Mars Attacks, Wacky Packages, Batman and sets based on movies and TV shows instead of those cards based on boring sportsball players.

This latest issue, which should be out soon, if it isn’t already, features articles on trading cards based on Game of Thrones, Star Wars and a look at vintage war cards. There’s also a promo card included for the first-ever trading card set based on Mystery Science Theater 3000. The cover feature looks at 20 years of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and nearly two-dozen card sets that have been based on the show in that time.

And that cover feature is written by yours truly, who is also marking twenty years of writing for NSU. Locally I know you can find Non Sport Update at Books A Million, and it’s showing up at all sorts of new places thanks to us recently joining the Beckett Media family of trading card publications. This issue is a must-have for Buffy The Vampire Slayer completists. Also, Rudy Panucci completists will want a copy.

So Long Now Playing

now_playing1104Speaking of magazines, this month we bid farewell to Turner Classic Movie’s Now Playing magazine. This wonderful subscription-only mag, which I included in last year’s PopCult Gift Guide, has fallen victim to the war on print, and has been replaced by an email version, which supposedly has all the content of the magazine, but you have to click a ton of links to find it, and it’s not easy to read in the toilet.

If you want the free email version, go HERE. I have to wonder if the magazine was only being published as part of Robert Osbourne’s contract with TCM. They announced that they were killing the print magazine shortly after his death. I’m going to miss it. It was the best way to see the TCM schedule.

The AIR This Weekend

air-logo-b-0001Tune in to The AIR and find out what close to five-thousand people worldwide spend part of their week listening to. Listen at the website or on this embedded player…

That’s a mighty impressive, but still miniscule number. It’s better than broadcasting in a vacuum, anyway.

This weekend we re-run our specialty music programs all day Saturday until 7 PM, then we spend the evening bouncing around with The (BS) Crazy Show, The Third Shift and surprises  Midnight sees Radio Free Charleston all night.

Sunday is a mix of talk, comedy and music. You can see the full schedule at the website.

We are cutting this week’s PopCulteer short at that this week. Check back for all of our regular features.

One bit of housekeeping: I’ve had people ask how they can get their event mentioned in the Stuff To Do post that we try to put up once a week here in PopCult. The best way to do this is to make a graphic that has the event, date, time, price and other details in it and find a way to get it to me. You can find me on Facebook, or leave a comment here in the blog and ask me to contact you.

I hate to skip over events that don’t have handy graphics, but compiling a list of every event happening in and around Charleston, writing out the details and then compiling graphics is a full-time job that I simply don’t have the time to do, especially for no pay. So if you want mentioned in PopCult, you have to meet me half-way and send me something.