19143379_1310831895698523_7966992665400331067_oFriday evening at 8 PM at ShockaCon Professor Sinister will take the stage for the fourth consecutive year of his Savage Sideshow! Attendees at the after-hours Shock ‘N’ Roll Party will kick off the night thrilling to Professor Sinister’s amazing feats of illusion, escape and things which defy explanation.

Above we take you back in time as Professor Sinister brings his Savage Sideshow to ShockaCon 2015.  With help from some volunteers from the audience, the mysterious Professor displays feats of fire-eating, stage magic and a great escape. In his second year at ShockaCon, Professor Sinister left the crowd amazed and stunned by his daring acts of magical adventurism.

His fourth year will be even more astounding, with new feats and maybe some returning favorites. You will be shocked and awed if you dare to witness this mind-bending show.

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