This week’s SOTW is not really a song, it’s an instrumental — but it’s a good one! Caravader is a big band blending of Duke Ellington’s “Caravan” with music from Star Wars. It’s by The New Morty Show, one of the more enduring of the mid-90s swing revival bands.

While bands like The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Royal Crown Revue, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy were garnering critical acclaim and decent record sales, The New Morty Show worked the live circuit, not releasing their first CD until 1998, after the boom went bust for new swing music. However, they are still plugging away, and have released three fine albums with a mix of traditional big band swing and oddball swing-styled covers of tunes like “Enter Sandman,” and “White Wedding.”

You can buy New Morty Show CDs here, and for booking information, go here. Meanwhile, check out the swingin’ tune!